Founded in 2015, Surplus Space is an international art institution located in 403 Art District. It is engaged in exhibition and promotion of latest and most cutting-edge artistic experiments at home and abroad. Surplus Space provides the public with professional and rich contemporary art exhibitions and public art education programs, so as to close the distance between contemporary art culture and public life. It actively creates a unique contemporary art atmosphere, builds a platform for benign interactions between Chinese and international art culture, and promotes the prosperity and development of contemporary art.


At the frequency of 3-4 solo-exhibitions and 1-2 group exhibitions annually, Surplus Space keeps a vibrant artistic attitude. By working with different kinds of artists, Surplus Space promotes domestic and international dialogue in central China. Surplus Space tries to create a platform for critical discussion and understanding of contemporary art, philosophy and social issues. Surplus Space has been a leading institution of contemporary art in central China. It's located in the core community of Wuhan inner ring, bearing the responsibility of public art education and the mission of spreading contemporary art and culture. The first exhibition after its opening is a group exhibition themed with the exploration of construction and social relation, which has explored the relationship between space and material, humanity and society. Surplus Space provides an important platform to understand contemporary art for Wuhan artist and public with its unremitting efforts.


Surplus Space is currently committed to the following research direction and will continue to expand its influence:

1, to capture and explore the most cutting-edgely social, cultural, political and artistic issues deeply in the way of strong curation;

2, to invite young artists who have not been noticed by the market yet to provide them with a good experimental platform;

3, to establish a perception community through interdisciplinary dialogue, lecture and publication.